A Bit Of Quality Time

photo 3 (2)

You know when you see someone nearly every single day, but you don’t really SEE them? Well, I realised that is exactly what me and my boyfriend have slipped into in January. We see each other everyday, yet at the end of the day I miss him as much as I would if he wasn’t there. We have got into the habit of going to bed at different times, I have to be up at half 7 in the morning, so I go to bed and he works nights, so even on his days off by the time he’s tired I’m already fast asleep, which means that we hardly get to see each other as it is and the time that we are with each other, he’ll be on the Xbox and I’ll be playing the Sims or Zoo Tycoon on my laptop (Don’t judge me, I’ve been playing them both since I was 11, it’s not an addiction, I promise). But we’ve decided this month to change that and already, it’s so much better.

The flat is a 20 minute walk to Norwich city centre which is full to the brim with cute little pubs and cafes, yet we’ve always neglected them for Starbucks and McDonald’s and used the excuse that it’s convenient – there is a Starbucks in my college and I have to go to McDonald’s to work). And the first placed we visited was 7 Surrey Street, which I recommend to anyone living in the Norwich area, it is opposite Aviva near the bus station. Now, I am about to say something that I wouldn’t say on a whim –

7 Surrey Street has the best Coffee I have ever had.

Yeah. Take it in. But in all serious-ness we bought our monthly magazines and we sat and had coffee and just enjoyed each others company. Which was good seeing as we had no other company, seriously the city was dead.  The picture on the left is in the cafe (we were sitting by the window) and the other is in the middle of Chapelfield Shopping Centre whilst waiting for the other half to get out of Sportsdirect!

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (2)

Where are your favourite places to grab a cup of coffee?

Amy x



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