This week…. I broke down.



This was going to be a ‘My Week In Pictures’ post but then, well this happened.1896922_10201610669930153_1738355707_n


So it’s half six on a cold Sunday afternoon and I’m giving my boyfriend a lift to work before going home for a Roast Dinner with my parents, sister and my Gran and my car cuts out. What a brilliant way to end the week, by spending two hours standing on the side of the road whilst a fairly attractive guy tries to find out what’s wrong.

This week started out good, as seen in my previous post, me and Tom had a nice cup of coffee and were set for a quiet week – that did not go to plan, things just kept throwing themselves at us – an essay on the influence of the growing middle class of China, TV license payments, relatives in hospital. Urgh. I’m glad this week is over!

Anyway, rant over – on to next week, it’s the last week of college before a week off, Valentine’s day and pay day 😀 All in all, I need a nice warm and a night in front of the fire!

How has your week been then?

Amy x


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