Payday Perks

What started of as a cup of coffee with the significant other ended up as shopping, and this is what I bought!

photo (2)


These were the item of the day! I have been dreaming of a pair of boots like these for months and when I came across these in H&M for £29.99, I could hear the angles sing! The crappy iPhone camera doesn’t do theses bad boys justice!! I can wear these with jeans, with skirts, they are just the bomb!!

After my Hallelujah moment in H&M I moved onto Boots and mainly repurchased items that I had already run out of, but I also bought a few new things as well!

photo 1 (4)

Again, please excuse the truly terrible quality of photo!! As you can see The Rocket Volume Mascara and Stay Matte Powder have found there ways back into my basket, but bought with them a few friends including Maybelline’s Diamond Glow eyeshadow which I unfortunately cannot find online anywhere :(, Maybelline’s Soft Kohl pencil in Brown which again is not online 😡 And last but not least is also from Maybelline and is the Colour Show Nail Polish in Plum Parade. I have not tried any of the new products yet, but will be sure to let you know how I get on with them when I do!

Amy x


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