19. Student and McDonalds worker.

Twitter: @PaperandBlush

Instagram: @paperbacksandblush


10 facts about  me:

1. I’m only 5ft 2in

2. This  is the first time since I was 13 that my hair has been it’s natural colour

3. I’ve been with my partner since September 2013

4. It took me four years to complete my A-Levels

5. I can’t whistle

6. I have one sibling – a 13 year old sister

7. My dog is named Harry because when we got him my sister was 3 years old and Harry was the only name she knew because of my Harry Potter obsession (I was 10 years old)

8. My cat, Lucy, is the spawn of the devil

9. I do not go to Univeristy

10. When I got my first pet (a rabbit) I wanted to name him Grandma, God knows why?!


4 thoughts on “About

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