March Birchbox

First of all, I want to apologise to you all for being MIA, I have completely neglected you guys! In the next few months I have my final exams before heading out into the big world of work and I let the stress get on top of me, last week I also pulled a muscle in my back and I spent most of it moping around feeling sorry for myself and I didn’t have any inspiration about to blog. However, after a nice meal out with Tom and a good start to this week I am back in full swing!

Secondly, the dress I ordered from ASOS was just a big No-No so again, apologies for that post not appearing!



Lastly, I would like to take it all back, all of it! Everything bad I said about Birchbox in this post I want to take it all back after receiving this months Lulu Guiness inspired box. I knew when I saw the gorgeous covering on the box this was gonna be a good one, when I opened it up and saw a Benefit product, oh my, I almost cried! All the products I got this month are ones I would consider using and they were:

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Primer

‘An eye Primer you can count on! Ensure eyeshadow and concealer stays put from AM and PM.’This was ‘Lulu’s Pick’ of the box, so thank you Lula! I have only heard good things about this primer and I am looking forward to try it.

Korres Citrus Body Milk

‘This hydrating lotion not only smells delish, it does your skin good too, thanks to almond oil and shea butter’ I actually got a fairly decent sized bottle of this for a sample and I’m hoping it will last me a while as I love the smell, it’s almost masculine and I have only ever had good experiences with Korres products!

Molton Brown rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream

A fast-absorbing, repairing and deeply nourishing lotion to leave hands delectably soft and smelling sweet You know how everyone has that one item that you can always justify buying? That item for me is Hand Cream, I have more hand creams than any other product, crazy. I know. I love everything about this from the texture to the beautiful packaging.

English Laundry No. 7 For Her

Top notes of pear and jasmine blend with gardenia, vanilla and sandalwood in this delightful scent All my perfumes actually ran out recently so this is a handy little sample which means I don’t have to spend any money yet, but overall, not the best perfume I’ve ever tried.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner

A favourite of photo-ready celebs, the sheer formula minimises pores and absorbs excess oil. This could not have arrived at a more convenient time as my pores look like freaking sinkholes at the moment, so hopefully this will be the kick into shape it needs!


What were your thoughts on this months birchbox?


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February Favourites

photo 1 (2)

I’ve only got four products this month as I haven’t really been doing a whole lot!

The first product is the Urban Veda Daily Radiance Face Wash, this was actually a sample out of February’s birchbox which I started using because my Body Shop Tea Tree face wash started to smell a little funky and this was the only other face wash that I had available and I love it!! It comes out as a clear gel with a clean fresh ‘grown-up’ smell. It makes my skin feel so soft and it is made out of natural products so it’s a win-win situation.

I’m not too keen on Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Eye Pencil (in Sable Brown) as an eyeliner but it is the best eyebrow product that I have ever used! I very lightly (and I mean REALLY lightly) brush the colour over my eyebrows and it looks natural but well-groomed!

This one was a rediscovery of an old love! It is Mac’s Eye-shadow Satin Taupe which 99.99% of people who know anything about make up will have heard of! I bought this when I first got into reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube. This is one of 4 mac products have so I am by no means Mac-Obsessed but I love this eyeshadow, it is the perfect crease colour and the purple tones in it make my eyes look even greener than they are! I have not been able to bypass this whilst putting my make up on at all this month, perfection!

For anyone who is subscribed to me and read last week This Week I… post (and for those who didn’t you can find it here) it will come as no surprise that Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation is in my favourites for this month and I can’t really say anything about it that I haven’t already said!

What have you been loving this month?

Amy x

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This Week… I got a Haircut and a New Foundation

photo (1)

This week was half term which meant no 7am starts, no bus journeys and whilst I do have to go back to college tomorrow, I now have two weeks of work, so I have several post ideas that will heading your way in the next fortnight!

This week has been a time of trying new things, which for me is a big thing. It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone or even try a new foundation! But alas, that is exactly what I did. I recently invested in the Rimmel London Match Foundation in Ivory, I know, I’m two months late to the hype as usual, but I only tried this because I left my usual foundation at my boyfriend’s (who is still hobbling around due to his leg) flat so I had to use my sisters whilst home for a couple of days and this is what she was using. I only wish I had jumped on the band wagon and bought this when everyone else was discovering it! It promises ‘Light perfecting radiance foundation [which promises] traceless coverage for flawlessly skin under any light’ and lasts all day, it also has SPF 18. This is a pretty bold statement and all for a price tag of £6.99.

I was blown away by this foundation! It is bloody fantastic! I actually prefer this to my £25-a-pop Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. It has good coverage and a shine without making my skin look oily but rather fresh. The actual product has an almost gel-like texture but feels creamy on the skin and it lasts all day yet doesn’t look cake-y, which is useful when you have an 8 hour shift at McDonalds and don’t want your foundation to be dripping on the till or like you’ve applied your make-up with a trowel.  Overall, for the price, packaging and lasting power this is sure to be gracing my shopping basket again!

Have you made any changes to your life recently?

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Amy x

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Destination: Disappointment (Birchbox)



IMG_0446Hmm, this is not a post I ever expected to write. I heard about Birchbox last year some time but I forgot about it until about a week ago my Bloglovin’ feed BLEW UP with people raving about the February box, so I thought you know what, I love finding new products and brands so I’m gonna try it! This was Tuesday and it arrived today, so a fairly quick delivery. However, it was dropped off by a couple in a clapped out Ford and the seal was broken with a piece of Sellotape over the top.. I opened the box and it was the official box, despite initial worries! I opened up the box and I was first wowed by the classy box and the practical drawstring bag, but the actual products I couldn’t help but think *meh* I was never expecting full-sized products but seriously?! The samples were tiny.

Overall, I feel like I didn’t get my moneys worth out of it, but hey ho, it could just be February’s box that isn’t Wowing me, so who knows March’s may blow me away! One thing I do have to mention are the little cards with tips on one side and quotes on the other which I do like and two of them have taken place above Johnny Depp on my cork-board in my bedroom! I’m not giving up on it yet! On the flip side, something or someone I am LOVING at the moment is Blogilates! Yeah, Cassey Ho is my god right now, she says ‘Jump’ I say ‘How high?’ well actually, I’m more ‘No. my muscles, don’t make me do that’ but I know it will be worth it in the end when I’m on a Turkish beach in August!

What are your views on Birchbox?

Amy x

Payday Perks

What started of as a cup of coffee with the significant other ended up as shopping, and this is what I bought!

photo (2)


These were the item of the day! I have been dreaming of a pair of boots like these for months and when I came across these in H&M for £29.99, I could hear the angles sing! The crappy iPhone camera doesn’t do theses bad boys justice!! I can wear these with jeans, with skirts, they are just the bomb!!

After my Hallelujah moment in H&M I moved onto Boots and mainly repurchased items that I had already run out of, but I also bought a few new things as well!

photo 1 (4)

Again, please excuse the truly terrible quality of photo!! As you can see The Rocket Volume Mascara and Stay Matte Powder have found there ways back into my basket, but bought with them a few friends including Maybelline’s Diamond Glow eyeshadow which I unfortunately cannot find online anywhere :(, Maybelline’s Soft Kohl pencil in Brown which again is not online 😡 And last but not least is also from Maybelline and is the Colour Show Nail Polish in Plum Parade. I have not tried any of the new products yet, but will be sure to let you know how I get on with them when I do!

Amy x

My Skincare Products

photoYesterday, one of the girls I work with asked me what I use on my skin, and I thought why not make a post about it?

From the age of 13 my skin was not the best – it wasn’t the worst but as a teenager trying to survive her way through high school, I saw it as a catastrophe, However it wasn’t until I was 16 that I found the world of cosmetics in the form of ProActiv which was a life saver!! My skin was red all over with frequent breakouts, this cleared it up perfectly! Now, my skin is 85% better, I get the occasional breakout and overall I don’t suffer from the redness that I used to. My skin no longer needs anything as heavy-duty as ProActiv just something to still keep it under control. And this is what I use!!

As a face wash/cleanser I use The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, although I don’t use this as a make-up remover I use No7 Face Wipes which, I know is a big skin No-No, but they get rid of all make up and don’t break me out, so I have no reason not to use them! Anyway, one pump of this is enough and it foams instantly, I smells of tea tree – unsurprisingly and I love it, especially in the morning, it smells clean which makes me think it is actually doing some good!

Two or Three times a week, normally if I am having a lazy bath day I use No7 beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator, whilst still in the shower after the tea tree face wash and then wash my face again. Once I am out of the shower I use Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion Number 3 on a cotton pad and run it over my T-Zone and then the rest of my face and finally my neck, this does sit on your skin for a while, but once it has sunk in I apply Garnier’s Moisture Match Shine Be Gone which is aimed at Combination/Oily skin all over my face and neck, I only apply a thin layer and it sinks in pretty quickly!!

So, not a very high maintenance routine but it keeps my skin in check, and it’s made up of mainly drug store products so it’s a win-win situation!!

What do you use to keep your skin under control?

Amy x


My Everyday Face And Hair Up-Do

First of all my hair. My hair is finally at that length that I can play around with and Man am I happy about that!! Due to my job I have to have my hair tied up! However, after an 8 hour shift this does mean that I am left with an almighty kink running round my head, so I’ve managed to find a way that only involves bobby pins! Firstly I comb the front sections of my hair (sides as well) back, leaving my fringe out and then hold it in place with a line of 3 bobby pins at the back of my head, I then get the rest of my hair and twist it into a bun on top of the original bobby pins before securing it with yet more bobby pins!



photo 4photo 5









Simple, but necessary!!

Then, we come to my face! I wear my make up like this to college as well, not just work!

Nearly all the products I used are mentioned in my January Favourites  except I use Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze as a base before applying Urban Decay’s Buck over my lids, it just gives the look a bit of shimmer, rather than being completely Matte and then blend Urban Decay’s DarkHorse and Smog into my crease. I am also wearing my liquid eye-liner which is so well-loved and used that the wording has come off it and I cannot remember what brand it is Sorry 😦 But any liquid eye-liner will do!! Voilà:

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (1)










These pictures were both taken after work, so you can see how my hair and make-up looks at the end of the day – hence the dodgy eyebrows!!

What do you wear to work?