NOTD #3|Maybelline Colour Show Lavender Lies

photo 2 (1)



In the past few days it has started to feel a bit more like spring and the temperature has even hit double figures and this colour is the perfect way to welcome it! I bought this at the start of the month which you can read about here but I haven’t had the chance to wear it. It complements my pale skin tone really well without making them to look to washed out (can hands look washed out?). This glides on the nail without running to the cuticle or pooling into the sides, and one coat would be enough! I’m wearing two coats because I feel naked only wearing one! I’m not sure what the lasting power this has yet as I am only on day one of application, but I will update how they last on my instagram account (Find it here).

Are you embracing spring yet?

Amy x

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Nails of the Day #2 |More The Merrier

More The Merrier Essie


Yep, you got. I’m still getting now work 😦 But, that does mean more nail varnish!! This week it is Essie’s More The Merrier, I don’t normally go for bright colours unless they are pink but I let my boyfriend pick which colour this week, and well, this was the result!! More The Merrier was actually from Essie’s Summer Collection but you can still buy it in Boots, for £7.99 and Superdrug. The camera doesn’t actually pick up the true colour of this nail varnish, it has more of a yellowy tone to it than the picture is showing. Honestly, it isn’t my favourite shade but it does add some brightness to the dull weather that isn’t budging!

What are you wearing on your nails today?




Nails of the Day #1 | Sew Psyched

For most of the world, being able to paint your nails probably isn’t that much of a big deal. However, for us poor souls who work in the food industry it is a luxury not to be taken for granted! (Over-exaggerating? Probably.) Lets face it January is crap when it comes to jobs that are on a zero hours contracts, I have a grand total of 10 hours this week. Yep. That is it. But there is a silver lining to working only two days: I CAN PAINT MY NAILS 5 DAYS OF THE WEEK!! Before I started my current job last February my nails were a different colour everyday, these days however they are neglected which is why it makes me so happy to be doing a Nail of the Day post. Enough rambling and onto the nails!!

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Please try to look past the shoddy photography skills, I am working with my iPhone camera and a poorly lit flat! The colour is ‘Sew Psyched’ by Essie, which is hands down my favourite nail varnish brands, I just love everything about them to the formula, the colour range, hell, I even love the names! Sometimes I’m more excited for the name rather than the colour!! And yes, I am aware that I am still stuck in winter colours, I’m not ready to embrace the spring collections yet!!

What are you wearing on your nails?