Book Review|Accused by Mark Gimenez


Accused is the sequel to ‘The Colour of Law’ based on Scott Fenney’s life after the events of the Shawonda Jones case in the first book. He gets a phone call from his wife who, in the first book left him when his career took a turn for the worst, begging him to represent her after she has been arrested for killing the very man that she left him for.

This book was actually given to me by my grandma after she had read it, which I guess is an odd choice to hand down as it is a book full of cocaine, sex and murder!! Although in my family that is the norm – not the drugs and the crime, the genre. I have grown up around thrillers, wether they be on TV or literature, I cannot remember the last time I saw a book on my Mothers bed side table that didn’t have a murder in the first ten pages!!

I got through this book within a week, which for me is an achievement between going to college five days a week and and working in the evenings and the weekends (I know, poor me, get the violins out). This is the kind of book that manages to get into more and more depth throughout the book until the end which it all explodes!! I was slightly disappointed towards the end in the final few pages of the actual hearing, it was as if Gimenez had suddenly realised that he still had the rest of the book to write and just threw it together UNTIL I read the epilogue. After reading the epilogue I sat in my living room with my jaw hanging, it was that good. I can honestly say that 9 times out of 10 I can guess what is going to happen; nope, not this time!!

I would heavily recommend this book to anyone who had read ‘The colour of law’, whilst you don’t have to understand the plot it just gives a bit of a background which helps you get that more attached to the characters. Although, as much as I like Gimenez’s books I would recommend having a bit of a break between books, I am now on his third book in a row and I have found that I am noticing similarities,and not just in writing style, within the first chapter there has been a murder,a drug overdose and underage sex. I usually wouldn’t mind if I had read something in between but I am finding it almost tedious and making it hard for me to get brought he current bookie am reading!!

I would give this book:




Starting Off!!

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