NOTD #3|Maybelline Colour Show Lavender Lies

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In the past few days it has started to feel a bit more like spring and the temperature has even hit double figures and this colour is the perfect way to welcome it! I bought this at the start of the month which you can read about here but I haven’t had the chance to wear it. It complements my pale skin tone really well without making them to look to washed out (can hands look washed out?). This glides on the nail without running to the cuticle or pooling into the sides, and one coat would be enough! I’m wearing two coats because I feel naked only wearing one! I’m not sure what the lasting power this has yet as I am only on day one of application, but I will update how they last on my instagram account (Find it here).

Are you embracing spring yet?

Amy x

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How To Find Me Elsewhere

I was recently advised that I should make a Twitter and Instagram account for PaperbacksandBlush so that is exactly what I went to do! So now, if you have any desire to know what I am up to on a day to day basis, well now you can!!


Instagram: @paperbacksandblush


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What are your usernames?

Amy x