Brownie Recipe + Update

I just want to start of for apologising that this post was not up on Monday as I said, I have unfortunately been suffering from migraines all week which makes staring at a screen unbearable, also my dress arrived but was a sixe too big so the OOTD post will probably be up next week, sorry ūüė¶ Onto the food!

After having some brownies that my friend cooked me on Thursday I knew that the Sunday would be spent making Brownies. So, sure enough I dragged Tom to Waitrose to get the ingredients and the afternoon was spent in chocolate bliss.


-185g unsalted butter

-185g dark chocolate

-85g plain flour

-40g cocoa powder

-50g white chocolate

-50g milk chocolate

-3 large eggs

-275g caster sugar


1. Quarter fill and pan with water and place it on medium heat, whilst this is heating up cut the unsalted butter into small pieces and into a glass bowl or one that will not melt then break all the dark chocolate up and add it to the bowl. Place the bowl on top of the pan on low heat until the butter and chocolate have melted, stirring occasionally. So it goes from this:

photo 1

To this:


2. Whilst waiting for the chocolate to melt and then cool down you can preheat your oven to 160C/gas mark 4. Using a 20 square tin cut out a square of baking parchment that covers the bottom of your tin.

3.Tip the flour and the cocoa powder into a sieve over a bowl so they run through together without any lumps.

4.Chop all the white and milk chocolate into rough squares with a large sharp knife.

5.Break the eggs into a bowl and tip in the sugar.¬†Whisk the eggs and sugar until they look thick and creamy, almost¬†like a milk shake. This can take a while and if you have another person available I suggest you take this as this can be a workout for the poor ol’ arms! You¬†should know that it’s ready when it has expanded and is very pale.¬†Another check is to stop mixing, lift out the¬†wisk and¬†shake it ¬†from side to side. If the mixture that runs off leaves a trail on the surface of the mixture in the bowl for a second or two, you‚Äôre there.

6.Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the mixture that you just mixed, then gently fold together. Plunge the spatula (not a whisk) in at one side, take it underneath and pull it up the opposite side and in again at the middle. Be gentle as you do not want to knock the air out of it! Continue doing so until it has gone from this:

photo 2 (2)

To This:

photo 4 (1)

7.Sift the flour and chocolate powder combination into the mixture and fold this into the mixture using the same technique as before and then add in the milk and white chocolate chinks and mix in carefully until the chocolate is evenly spread throughout and looks something like this:

photo 5 (2)

8.Pour the mixture into the tin making sure that all the mixture is scraped in and pushed into the corners and place in the oven for 25 minutes. When this 25 minutes is up gently shake the tin and if the middle wobbles then place back in the oven for another 5 minutes by this point they should have a crust on top and the sides will be pulling away from the tin, this is when they are ready.

9. Take out of the oven and leave the whole thing including the tin to cool for 15 minutes then remove from the tin by placing a chopping board on top of the tin and turning upside down with a tiny bit of force and they should slide out of the tin, then place another chopping board or flat plate and flip them onto that. Then cut them into squares or triangles and enjoy!!