TV Shows I’m Loving

I am only a few months away from my exams so naturally, I have been on a hunt for TV shows to get hooked on as a distraction from the  stress.

*sighs* I know I really don’t help myself.

Once Upon a Time

photo (4)

Over the past year I have seen more and more fanvids on Youtube about this show, so I thought ‘Why not give it a go?’ and I am glad I did. I am only on Episode 14 of the first Season but I am already hooked. When watching I’m either admiring Emma’s hair or marvelling at the Queen’s ability to wear leather trouser or trying to control my emotions! Seriously, most of the time I want to cry whilst angrily throwing my laptop across the room each time Regina reveals one her plans to keep Emma and Henry apart!


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O M G, his voice! Is it bad that everytime the murdering Sociopath is talking I melt a little bit? Probably. Anyway, this programme is just as addictive, its a police show with a twist, the cop is the murderer, and yet you feel he is is justified? From Dexter’s witty internal monologue to his sisters sarcasm and humour, this show has the perfect mixture of serious and funny!

America’s Next Top Model

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I know, it’s not the deepest of TV shows but I can’t help it, the cattiness, the outfits, the fighting, urgh, I love it all. There isn’t much else to say about it!

What have you been loving at the moment?

Amy x


This week I… Made Brownies


This week I had a week off work which was great as I managed to paint my nails, you can see what I was wearing on them here, I also ordered a £50 dress of ASOS which for me was a pretty radical decision, it is due to arrive next week sometime and if I can manage to convince my wonderful boyfriend to take some pictures I will do an Outfit of the Day style video for you all 🙂

This week I have not been eating too healthily as you can see from the picture, my Mum came home from work one day via Valerie’s Patisserie with these wonderful fruit tarts which were friggin’ gorgeous and today me and Tom made brownies, but I have been doing my pilates everyday so that makes up for it, right? I’m going to post the brownie recipe within the next two days because they were chewy heaven and everyone should be able to enjoy them! (You’re welcome.)

This week my little sister came home with my Mum and Dad with two adorable creatures, Phoebe (Top right) and Rose (Bottom Left) both of whom were named by Kate (said sister)! Unfortunately, a couple months ago just before christmas my sister’s rabbit Tiger-lily had a stroke and had to be put down and it broke my sisters heart but the excitement and joy on her face when she brought these two home was a touching moment.

That’s my week summarised, what have you been up to?

Amy x



Destination: Disappointment (Birchbox)



IMG_0446Hmm, this is not a post I ever expected to write. I heard about Birchbox last year some time but I forgot about it until about a week ago my Bloglovin’ feed BLEW UP with people raving about the February box, so I thought you know what, I love finding new products and brands so I’m gonna try it! This was Tuesday and it arrived today, so a fairly quick delivery. However, it was dropped off by a couple in a clapped out Ford and the seal was broken with a piece of Sellotape over the top.. I opened the box and it was the official box, despite initial worries! I opened up the box and I was first wowed by the classy box and the practical drawstring bag, but the actual products I couldn’t help but think *meh* I was never expecting full-sized products but seriously?! The samples were tiny.

Overall, I feel like I didn’t get my moneys worth out of it, but hey ho, it could just be February’s box that isn’t Wowing me, so who knows March’s may blow me away! One thing I do have to mention are the little cards with tips on one side and quotes on the other which I do like and two of them have taken place above Johnny Depp on my cork-board in my bedroom! I’m not giving up on it yet! On the flip side, something or someone I am LOVING at the moment is Blogilates! Yeah, Cassey Ho is my god right now, she says ‘Jump’ I say ‘How high?’ well actually, I’m more ‘No. my muscles, don’t make me do that’ but I know it will be worth it in the end when I’m on a Turkish beach in August!

What are your views on Birchbox?

Amy x